Univadis / Merck Medicus

responsive design website and mobile app for an international health services portal

I took part in...

  • Consulting
  • Ideation
  • Early concept
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • ...

In 2008, MSD (French branch of Merk Sharp & Dohme) called for proposals to redesign the European version of Univadis, a portal which provides medical breaking news as well as learning resources and diagnostic tools to GPs and health specialists.

I worked closely with Nicolas Limare (now Director of online customer experience at Merck Europe) and the team at Axance to define a mental model, design innovative proof-of-concept prototypes in order to pitch for the business - which we won!

Then, We worked for over a year, creating an entirely new web presence for this service, including a new responsive design website as well as smartphone and tablet apps. During this time, I chaired several brainstorming sessions, design workshops and meetings with marketing board, product leaders, and executives. The innovative, user-centred solution we provided was so promising and the early user tests results were so positive that Merck decided to make this project international; the same services have now been launched in more than 15 countries in the world (ie. Merck Medicus in the US).

Early in my career, this multi-millions dollars project gave me a unique experience of complex transversal project planning, brand redesign, content management, and high-level user experience design. In many ways, this project was crucial in making me the designer that I am today.

In the US, the active user rate has risen by 149% since 2011.

Award In 2012, the Web Marketing Association gave this project a Webaward 2012 for "outstanding achievement web development" (link).
  • Presentation slide about the tone of voice of the new service
  • Decision helper pentagone
  • Wireframe made with Adobe Illustrator
  • iPad sketchy prototype
  • iPhone visual mockup prototype
  • video
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