Apec "atawad"

redesign of the apec.fr website and iPhone app

I took part in...

  • Web strategy
  • Mental concept
  • Management
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • User testing
  • ...

In 2008, whilst working for Axance, I helped l'Apec (the premier recruitment agency for French managers) to design and create their first iPhone application. To begin with, I sketched all screens of the app, then wireframed them, and then builded a click-through prototype with Axure RP Pro that helped to present the new design to the project's important stakeholders.

In 2010, after a new European policy stated that l'Apec would be soon stripped of its public funding, the company had to reinvent itself to find independent revenue streams. Pleased by the work we had done for them two years earlier, we were given the opportunity to work with them on developing their new business strategy.

I had the chance to be part of the team that conceptualised a new global web strategy to meet the company's highly ambitious business requirements. Doing so, I animated several workshops in order to find new business models and design the online services that the company would sell from now.

To do so, I led the UX design team that created the new website and redesigned the iPhone app accordingly. For over a year, I worked closely with Internet executive board, product managers, and other contractors such as Steria one of the top IT consultancy firms in Europe. I also assisted the user research team in their work and ran a few individual user testing sessions myself.

© Most of the showcased works were created while working with previous employers, who solely own the rights to these materials. Moreover, most of these projects were created as part of a team effort, with the help of many smart people who also deserve credit for all this hard work.